Simmerstats: The genius old tech that controls your stovetop


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The video titled 'Simmerstats: The genius old tech that controls your stovetop' offers a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of electric stoves and the mysterious Simmerstat device that governs the power output of the heating elements. In the realm of Science & Technology, understanding the mechanisms behind everyday appliances like stovetops can provide valuable insights into the ingenious engineering involved.

The video begins by highlighting the pulsating behavior exhibited by the heating elements of a glass-top radiant electric stove. As the narrator demonstrates, reducing the power setting on the stove control knob results in the heating element cycling on and off in a repeating pattern. This intriguing behavior is attributed to the presence of Simmerstats, also known as infinite switches, which are wired to each heating element to regulate power output.

Simmerstats operate by controlling power levels through a duty-cycle control method, where power is intermittently switched on and off for varying durations. This technique allows for precise power adjustment without the need for expensive components like variable resistors or transformers. The video provides a detailed explanation of how the Simmerstat modulates the power output of the heating elements, ensuring efficient energy consumption and cost-effective operation.

Furthermore, the video delves into the history of Simmerstats, tracing their origins back to older coil-top stoves from the 1940s. The technology behind Simmerstats has been employed for over a century, demonstrating its enduring effectiveness in regulating heating elements in electric stoves. By illuminating the inner workings of these kitchen appliances, the video sheds light on the innovative solutions developed to overcome challenges in power control and efficiency.

In addition to exploring the function of Simmerstats, the video touches on the unique construction of glass-top radiant electric stoves. It describes the composition of heating elements made of nichrome wire embedded in heat-resistant material, which rapidly generate intense heat upon activation. The fascinating properties of the special ceramic glass used in these stoves are also discussed, highlighting its ability to allow infrared radiation to pass through while obscuring visible light.

Overall, the video provides a comprehensive overview of the Simmerstat technology and its role in controlling electric stovetops. By uncovering the intricate mechanisms behind these common kitchen appliances, viewers gain a deeper appreciation for the engineering ingenuity that underpins modern household devices. The legacy of Simmerstats as a reliable and cost-effective solution for power regulation underscores the enduring relevance of this century-old technology in the ever-evolving landscape of kitchen appliances

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