4 NEW CHARACTERS, SKINS, AND MORE! | Squad Busters Update!


Squad Busters

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**New Additions to the Game in Squad Busters Update**

An exciting piece of news has shaken the Squad Busters player community with the arrival of the latest update packed with novelties. In a video titled '4 NEW CHARACTERS, SKINS, AND MORE! | Squad Busters Update!', a new world is revealed with 4 fresh characters, new skins, and much more to enjoy.

To start off, the Snowy World is introduced as a spectacular addition to the game, featuring characters like the Ice Wizard, Dr. T, and Jessie. But that's not all, Jessie comes accompanied by her loyal turret which can be obtained by opening a chest, providing a new strategic dimension to the game.

The Ice Wizard, on the other hand, unleashes powerful icy spells that freeze enemies with ice balls in his classic form, while in his super form, he unleashes a super-ice spell resulting in a bigger and longer-lasting version. A frosty threat to any opponent!

Dr. T doesn't fall behind, as he can summon the Megacrab if enough coins are gathered, an imposing ally that hunts down other Squads and bypasses normal monsters.

Furthermore, this update brings four new mods, from the appearance of giant ice spirits on the map to the ability to catch gems in magical cauldrons at Gem Cauldrons. A world full of new experiences and challenges.

But the surprises don't end there. Players who have reached the Desert World can enjoy a week in the Snowy World to unlock these special characters. Excitement is guaranteed!

New skins also make their appearance in this update, allowing players to customize the appearance of their characters. From the ninja elf to the origami barbarian king, the possibilities to express your unique style are endless.

And don't worry about the cold, the 'Beach Party' season will soon arrive in July with a new gem pass and two new MEGA units, followed by the 'Bullets and Burgers' season in August with more surprises to be revealed.

With exciting events like the opportunity to unlock the bandit or collaborate to get the black belt chicken skin, the fun never ends in Squad Busters.

Stay tuned to the game's communication channels for the latest updates and don't miss a single event. The next adventure awaits you in the world of Squad Busters!

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