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In the world of Brawl Stars, positivity and kindness are key to achieving great goals and rewards. In the recent community event titled 'DELETE TOXICITY = 5 LEGENDARY STARR DROPS!', players come together to show that kindness can lead to amazing prizes.

The event is based on a simple premise: use the thumbs up reaction to send positive messages and encourage your fellow players. Every time someone uses this reaction, the counter increases, getting closer to the global goal of ten billion thumbs up.

If the community manages to reach this monumental figure, all players will receive five legendary Starr rewards! It's a unique opportunity to promote kindness and leave behind the toxic environments that can sometimes be found in online games.

In addition to the stellar rewards, the organizers have also announced a parallel contest to reward those players who share positive moments on social media using the hashtags #ThumbsUpForBrawl and #BrawlStars. These acts of kindness can not only lead to winning one million gems, but also to spreading joy and camaraderie among the Brawl Stars community.

With exciting goals throughout the event, such as double daily rewards, doubled XP, and cumulative legendary Starr rewards, players have the opportunity to join in a collective effort to achieve something great.

Ultimately, 'DELETE TOXICITY = 5 LEGENDARY STARR DROPS!' is a celebration of positivity and camaraderie in the Brawl Stars community. So bring your best attitude, join the fun, and make every thumbs up count in this fantastic community event!

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