Ian - Figure It Out (Official Music Video)


Lyrical Lemonade

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Welcome to a thrilling ride through Ian's world in the official music video for 'Figure It Out.' Fasten your seatbelts as we dive into the high-speed lyrics and visuals that take us on a journey with Ian behind the wheel of a powerful R car.

From the moment Ian starts driving, the intensity of his emotions comes to the forefront. He grapples with the pressure and scrutiny he faces, feeling like he's on the brink of being put on 'suicide watch.' The uncertainty of choosing his feeling of the day echoes as he mentions his gratitude for a two-one watch, showcasing a mix of anxiety and gratitude.

As Ian navigates through his thoughts, he references his big brother figure, Mar Lynch, drawing an analogy to running through challenges and coming out on top. The fast-paced rhythm mirrors Ian's racing mind, culminating in a flurry of emotions that he skillfully articulates through his lyrics.

Ian's drive is metaphorical as he wrestles with inner conflicts and external expectations. The references to Japanese G and Batman add layers to his character, evoking images of mystery and strength. The complexity of Ian's emotions is further highlighted as he talks about the challenges he faces and the need to stay grounded while pursuing his dreams.

The music video's visual storytelling adds depth to Ian's narrative, with rapid cuts and dynamic camera angles capturing the essence of his internal struggle. The energy in the video reflects the urgency and intensity of Ian's journey, showcasing a blend of vulnerability and resilience.

As the video draws to a close, Ian's reflection on the pressures he faces and the support he appreciates from those around him resonates deeply. Through his music, Ian invites us to ride shotgun on his emotional rollercoaster, ultimately leaving us pondering the complexities of identity, ambition, and self-discovery.

In conclusion, 'Ian - Figure It Out' is a captivating blend of raw emotion, introspection, and musical prowess that invites viewers to take a front-row seat on Ian's gripping journey. Strap in, hold on tight, and let the music transport you through the twists and turns of Ian's mesmerizing world

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