Nikki Glaser Shares Secrets From the Roast of Tom Brady


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Nikki Glaser, a renowned comedian and roast specialist, recently shared some behind-the-scenes secrets from her experience at the Roast of Tom Brady. In a candid conversation, she delved into the nerves, the hard work, and the unexpected twists that come with being a part of such a high-profile event.

Glaser reflected on her initial hesitation to participate in another roast, citing concerns about putting herself up to be roasted in return. However, the opportunity to roast the legendary Tom Brady intrigued her, and she was determined to prove herself as the 'Tom Brady of roasting.' With a mix of humility and confidence, she prepared diligently for the event, knowing that she had to give it her all.

As she discussed the preparation process, Glaser highlighted the fine line comedians walk between pushing boundaries and respecting boundaries. She acknowledged the challenge of crafting jokes that were sharp and funny without crossing into overly hurtful territory. Despite her prior experience with roasts, she found herself grappling with newfound empathy and a desire not to cause unnecessary pain.

One intriguing aspect Glaser mentioned was the lack of interaction among the roasters before the event. Unlike previous roasts where comedians would mingle backstage, this time the cast went straight into their sets without much pre-show camaraderie. This shift in dynamic added an element of surprise and intensity to the proceedings, leaving some participants like Ben Affleck opting for a quick entrance and exit strategy.

Speaking of Ben, Glaser touched upon his unconventional approach to his set, which ended up backfiring due to a risky joke that didn't land as expected. The unpredictability of live comedy was on full display, emphasizing the bravery required to test new material in front of a live audience.

Glaser's reflections on the event highlighted the complexity of roasting as a comedic art form. Balancing humor with sensitivity, pushing boundaries without causing harm, and adapting to unexpected circumstances are all part and parcel of the roast experience. Despite the challenges, Glaser's performance was lauded for its cleverness and tactful execution, cementing her reputation as a formidable roaster in the comedy world.

In the world of roasting, where sharp wit meets calculated risk-taking, Nikki Glaser's insights shed light on the intricacies of this unique comedic genre. As she continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of comedy, one thing remains certain – her ability to captivate audiences with her sharp humor and genuine passion for the craft

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