LSU Kim Mulkey LOSS to Iowa in Elite 8 postgame, Flau'jae, Angel Reese & Van Lith


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LSU Kim Mulkey and players Flau'jae, Angel Reese, and Haley Van Lith recently faced a tough loss to Iowa in the Elite 8, and their postgame reactions shed light on their resilience and team spirit.

The postgame press conference saw LSU coach Kim Mulkey and the student-athletes facing questions about the game and their performance. Angel Reese expressed the team's journey through adversity, injuries, and challenges. Despite falling short, she emphasized the team's unity and determination to give their all for 40 minutes.

Angel's teammate, Flau'jae, shared insights into her defensive efforts against Caitlyn from Iowa. She spoke about taking on the challenge fearlessly and trying to disrupt Caitlyn's game with her defensive tactics.

The camaraderie between the players was evident as Flau'jae and Angel praised each other's leadership and resilience. Angel's impact on the team, both on and off the court, was acknowledged by her teammates, highlighting her strength and support amidst external criticism.

In a poignant moment, Angel's teammates rallied around her, speaking out against the unfair treatment and scrutiny she has faced. They commended her resilience and urged others not to underestimate Angel's character and strength.

Angel shared her perspective on facing adversity and negativity, emphasizing her focus on staying strong and drawing strength from her support system. Her teammates' unwavering support was a testament to the bond they share and their belief in each other, both on and off the court.

The press conference not only shed light on LSU's Elite 8 loss but also showcased the team's unity, resilience, and unwavering support for each other. Despite the defeat, the players exemplified the true spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork, demonstrating that their bond goes beyond the basketball court

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