Álvaro Díaz, NSQK - MAMI 100PRE (Visualizer)



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Today I asked about you, mama
If you and I no longer talk
I didn't know what to tell her
I had to lie to her

I told her it just didn't work out
But you're fine and I'm even better
There's no need to tell her
She knows I'm lying

Hey kid, you're just like your dad
This could be the beginning of something beautiful
I know you loved her a lot
The ending doesn't have to be the end

Do you remember when you were little and we went to the movies
And we stayed until the end

Hoping for a new scene to appear
Sometimes life is like that

And if it's not you, I pray to God that you end up just like you
In the room turning on a light
Just me left here sitting in my booth

Waiting for another scene where I want to see you (4x)

Have you seen what she posted on social media or not?


Music video by Alvaro Diaz, Nsqk performing MAMI 100PRE SABE (Visualizer). © 2024 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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