Hermitcraft S10#3: Exterior Be Finishing



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In the video titled 'Hermitcraft S10#3: Exterior Be Finishing,' the Hermitcraft members embark on various tasks and projects within the Minecraft world of Hermitcraft Season 10. The video begins with the players discussing the mess in their base and the need to clean up and organize their items. They plan to head into the End to find Shulker boxes to clean up the mess. The players also work on finding an Elytra Wing in the End stronghold.

During the video, they explore various locations, including an End fortress to collect resources like shulker shells, elytras, and tools. They engage in activities such as building a Wither Skeleton Farm and discussing design ideas for their bases with fellow players like Joel, showcasing banner designs and debating on building materials and textures.

The players also work on setting up a mail delivery system, featuring an intricate Redstone contraption to send packages between players within the Minecraft world efficiently. They demonstrate the process of sending and receiving packages through the system, showcasing the automation and mechanical workings involved in the mail delivery setup.

Overall, the video showcases the players engaging in various activities, including exploration, building, organizing, and technical Redstone engineering, characteristic of the gaming experience in the Hermitcraft community

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