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The day has arrived, the long-awaited moment when the popular and charismatic content creator, Germán Garmendia, reaches the impressive milestone of 50 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Juega Germán. In a special video full of nostalgia, Germán reflects on the beginnings of his channel 11 years ago, taking us on a journey full of memories and laughter.

From his first video playing 'Slender' to iconic series like 'Bully' or 'The Walking Dead', Germán reminds us of the special moments he has shared with his followers over the years. With his characteristic humor and infectious energy, he shows us how his content has evolved over time, from horror games to street vlogs.

Known for his closeness to his audience and his authenticity, Germán thanks his followers for allowing him to do what he enjoys the most: having fun and sharing good times with them. With 11 years of experience on the channel and over 2000 videos published, Germán is grateful for the opportunity to create a space where he can be himself and connect with his audience in a unique way.

In an emotional moment, Germán expresses his gratitude for the support of his followers over the years, recalling how he started with modest expectations and how the channel has grown beyond what he ever imagined. With his characteristic optimism and humility, Germán celebrates this significant milestone of being the first Spanish channel to reach 50 million subscribers on YouTube.

Amidst laughter, memories, and thanks, Germán shares his joy and excitement at having achieved this incredible goal, once again demonstrating why he is one of the most beloved and successful content creators in the world of digital entertainment. Congratulations, Germán, on 50 million subscribers and for continuing to be a reference in the YouTube community!

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