There is a basement underneath my house


Fede Vigevani

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In the video titled 'THERE IS A BASEMENT BENEATH MY HOUSE', we are presented with a story full of mystery and suspense. The plot unfolds when the protagonist receives a message from a neighbor in the neighborhood who has important information to share. This neighbor apparently knew Dror Lizara in the past, and after meeting with her, surprising revelations begin to emerge.

The protagonist is intrigued by the revelations the neighbor could make about the house, Dr. Lizara, and past events. Recalling previous discoveries in the house's garden, such as a cemetery and a suit hanging with nails, tension rises as questions are raised about Dr. Lizara's presence in the house.

During the meeting with the neighbor, it is revealed that Dr. Lizara is alive and had invited them to a meeting at his country house, raising suspicions and making it clear that they are involved in a more dangerous situation than they imagined. It is discovered that there are more graves in the garden, including one belonging to Luisa's mother, adding an additional layer of mystery and horror to the story.

Tension builds as the truthfulness of the neighbor's statements is questioned, the possibility of a trap is considered, and the need to uncover the truth behind the inexplicable events surrounding the house and Dr. Lizara becomes evident. The video ends leaving viewers in suspense, with an atmosphere filled with uncertainty and suspense.

In conclusion, 'THERE IS A BASEMENT BENEATH MY HOUSE' is a video full of intrigue and suspense, capturing the viewer's attention with a mysterious plot and enigmatic characters. The uncertainty and mystery surrounding the story keep the audience on edge, eagerly awaiting to uncover the truth behind the secrets hidden in the protagonist's house

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