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In the intriguing video titled Defunctland: Kid Cities, viewers are taken through a captivating journey into the creation and evolution of a revolutionary entertainment concept - La Ciudad De Los Niños, or the City of Children. Set in Mexico City in the late 1990s, the story unfolds with entrepreneur Luis Javier Laresgoiti's inspiring journey from the brink of bankruptcy with Amazing Toys to the realization of his dream park alongside his childhood friend, Xavier Lopez Ancona.

The video explores the genesis of the idea for a children's city centered around role-playing, where kids could engage in mature responsibilities and adult professions in a scaled-down, accessible environment. Laresgoiti's vision was ambitious, aiming to create a simulated experience with elaborate theming and complex operations, allowing children to immerse themselves in a city where they were in charge.

Despite facing economic challenges and initial skepticism, Laresgoiti and Lopez Ancona collaborated to bring their dream to life. Their venture required substantial investments, leading to a creative funding approach involving corporate partnerships with renowned companies like Coca-Cola, American Airlines, and Burger King. This collaborative effort provided the necessary resources to construct the park, culminating in its grand opening in August 1999 at Mexico City's Centro Santa Fe.

The City of Children offered a unique experience, where families entering the attraction were greeted with a concept resembling an airport terminal, complete with American Airlines branding. Children received simulated currency and a tracking wristband for free movement within the complex, providing an immersive and safe environment for exploration.

The heart of the City of Children lay in its role-playing activities, where kids could earn and spend simulated currency on a range of experiences, from driving bumper cars sponsored by General Motors to enjoying snacks from Burger King and Domino's Pizza. Additionally, children could engage in diverse jobs like firefighters and race car drivers, participating in thematic experiences that brought their imaginations to life.

The video encapsulates the innovative spirit behind La Ciudad De Los Niños, showcasing the dedication and creativity of its founders in providing a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience for children. Through their perseverance and vision, Laresgoiti and Lopez Ancona transformed a dream into a reality, leaving behind a legacy of immersive role-playing experiences and cherished memories for families who visited the City of Children

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